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Music is one of the biggest stimuli known and felt by human beings, because sound is constantly in our lives, Sound flows between us and over us and has enough power to take our consciousness to a new place, making us to see the link between what you are and what you do, what you are and what you want or could be. The link between light and darkness.


Through sound there is an intimate and private way of expressing yourself, there is a way to be taken to new ways and possibilities.


Dimension is about taking people in a journey, is about cross the portal to a new side, it is to experience something with your soul, from inside to outside and with unlimited strength, it is for people that has connection the sound shared here.


Expression through music is the meaning of this movement, and TECHNO is our guide, the guiding thread to another Dimension, connected through Light, Sound and Technology.



Every single month a special mix of Techno and Hard Techno, a way to start or connection with the other side!

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